Our favourites in France

In this section you’ll find a selection of some of the attractions we love most in France, organised by groups to make them easier for you to search through.

Of course, there are loads of attractions we haven’t included, so head to our Regions pages for specific information on what to see by the area you are travelling to.

To start, here a list of our top 10 activities.

Obviously this is a personal view, but for families with children between the ages of 5 and 15 you should find you can really enjoy a day out at these places!

  1. Futuroscope. Unexpected pleasure. Good entertainment, we could all enjoy the giant IMAX films!
  2. Gorge du Verdon. Magnificent scenery. The pedaloes add to the interest for children.
  3. EuroDisney. Simply magnificent with children.
  4. Pont du Gard. History, scenery and swimming all combine to make a lovely day out here.
  5. Le Train à Vapeur des Cévennes. Beautiful scenery with the train ride to entertain the children.
  6. Le Mont St-Michel. The most visited attraction in all of France.
  7. Canoeing on the Cèze. Good entertainment on the river for everyone.
  8. The Haribo Museum. Not so much for the adults, but the kids adore it!
  9. Le Bournat Open Air Museum. Fascinating regional museum in the open air.
  10. Puy du Fou. Our favourite theme park in France, but with an unusual approach.


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