Bordeaux’s Miroir image


Miroir d'Eau in Bordeaux

Our daughter loved running across the Miroir d’Eau, the giant water feature on the iconic Garonne riverfront in Bordeaux.

The Miroir is a large granite base which holds an inch or so of  water for most of the time, reflecting the magnificent frontage of the Bourse (the old financial centre), and looking out onto the mighty Garonne and the Pont Neuf – a bridge built by Napoleon to ferry his troops across the river.

On a hot day a paddle across the Miroir is so refreshing, with all comers slipping off their shoes and tip tapping across the clear water.

Yet every so often the water disappears and leaves the granite exposed – but the trick is to hang around for a few minutes as the Miroir drinks up the water and blows it back out in a fine spray that creates a pretty mist on the river banks – something the kids will love dashing through.

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