This is the most extensive wine growing region in the world covering mountain sides, hills, scrubland, plains and coastlines. The Languedoc-Roussillon streches from Nîmes in the east to Carcassonne in the west and is bounded in the north by the Massif Central. Vineyards cover 400,000 hectares and produce more than 500 million litres of wine. Béziers is considered to be the wine capital of the region.

Great Languedoc wines

It has been said that Languedoc wines aren’t drunk outside the region! And it is certainly true to say that a lot of table wine is produced here. But that would be unfair on the region. Many good wines are produced and there is a trend towards production of increasingly high quality. Corbières is definitely the best.

Languedoc recommendations

Fitou is close in quality to Corbières. Minervois is quite palatable but lighter. Personally we would recommend Fitou or Corbières wines as we prefer wines with a stronger character. But this is very much a personal thing. If you can add to our knowledge about Languedoc wines, museums, wine tours, favourite producers etc. we’d love to hear from you!

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