Les Caves de la Chartreuse

Description: The world renowned Chartreuse liqueur originally produced at La Monastère de la Grande Chartreuse is now produced at the distillery in Voiron, 25 kms to the west of the Monastery/Museum in the Caves de la Chartreuse. The fascinating tour offers insights into the history of not only the liqueur but also the monastery and finishes with a free tasting – adults only!

Location: In the town of Voiron, 26 kms NW of Grenoble, or 25 kms west of the Chartreuse Monastery.

General Info: A free guided tour lasting about 1 hour is available. While tours are conducted in French. there are free English audio-guides available. The Caves are open all year round (weekdays only from November – March) from 9AM – 11.30AM and 2PM – 6.30PM

Website: http://www.chartreuse.fr/index.php, Tel No: (04) 76 05 81 77.

Our recommendation: This may not have widespread appeal for children but perhaps a visit to the distillery could be offset against a visit to the museum!


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