Description: This is primarily an outdoor Treasure Hunt with a theme that changes each year (e.g.”The Three Musketeers”). 20 games with questions/problems to solve takes the ‘players’ around the park and gardens of the Château, as well as underground in the château itself. An English version of the clues is available and English speaking staff are on hand should the need arise. Answers are self-checked at the end using a computer and if the final puzzle is solved then certificates are awarded.

Location: A few hundred metres south of D732, on a very minor road (D249) on the southern edge of Pons. Pons is junction 36 of A10. Signposting is not brilliant.

General Information: Website. Château d’Usson, Route de Fléac, 17800, Pons 0(5) 46 91 09 19.

Our recommendations: Great fun with most of the action taking place outdoors, so come prepared with hats etc… in hot weather.  We are aware of another Chateau in Alsace that offers a similar concept although we haven’t personally visited that one.

For the children:  Children will love it – older ones can go off on their own as it is a secure site.


Here’s more information to make the most of your visit to the Charente Maritime: