Description: A really unusual outdoor activity theme park for children, with different zones for different ages, in a large forest setting. This is a great chance for all the family to play at being Tarzan for a day!

Location: Very close to Bordeaux airport, just south of the N563 link road at Mérignac.

General Info: Open January – November on Wednesday & weekends from 10AM – 7PM and every day during French school holidays.
Tel: 06 09 533 338.

Our recommendations: If you want to get a full day of activity, make sure you arrive early.

For the children: There is good general supervision and safety provision.  For children under 10 it won’t provide a day’s entertainment, however there is a separate adventure area for the youngsters which should keep them amused for a few hours, maybe combined with an ice cream as a bribe!


Here’s more information to make the most of your visit to the Charente Maritime: