Markets in the Charente

One of the great pleasures of our holidays in France is being able to browse at the local markets.  As you wander, your senses are  aroused with the perfume of herbs and spices….here you will find quality fruit and vegetables at excellent prices.  Saintes offers the largest market in the region in the square opposite the Cathedrale de St Pierre.  However this is really a food market and won’t interest children (although clothes shopping in the quaint nearby streets more than compensated for it in the opinion of our girls!).

Wherever you are staying in the region you will find an open market nearby.  For details on when the markets are open, check the list below….

Markets in Charente:

Aigrefeuille d’Aunis – Saturday
Angoulins – Saturday AM
Archiac – Saturday AM
Ars-en-Ré – Tues & Fri, every day in season
Aulnay – Sunday AM
Aytrè – Friday AM
Beauvais sur Matha – Tues & Thurs
Le Bois Plage – Tues, Thurs & Sat, every day in season
Bourcefranc – Sun AM
Boyardville – Daily
La Brée les Bains – Weds, Fri, Sun……Every day in season
Chaniers – Weds & Sat
Le Château d’Oléron – Sunday
Chatelaillon – Every morning (indoors)
Chevanceaux – Every Sat
La Couarde sur Mer – Wed am Every day
Courçon – Wed am
Cozes – Wed am
Dolus d’Oléron – Every day (15/6-30/09)
Echillais – Every Wed
La Flotte en Ré – Every day
Fouras – Every day Tue & Fri
Gemozac – Fri & Tue
La Jarrie – Thur
La Palmyre – Sun (Apr-Sep) Wed pm (Apr-Sep)
Jonzac – Tue & Fri
Loix en Ré – Tue & Fri Every day
Loulay – Fri am
Les Mathes – Fri am Every day (Jul-Aug)
Marans – Tue & Sat am Thu night 7pm (17/7 -21/8)
Marennes – Tue, Thu & Sat am
Matha – Tue, Fri, Sat am & Sun
Meschers-sur-Gironde – Every day except Mon Every day
Mirambeau – Sat
Montendre – Every Thu
Montguyon – 3rd Weds/mth & Sat AM
Montlieu-la-Garde – Sun
Mornac sur Seudre – Weds,Thurs, Sat & Sun AM
Mortagne-sur-Gironde – Thurs AM & Sun AM
Nieulle sur Seudre – Fri AM
Nieul sur Mer – Sun
Pons – Weds & Sat AM
Pont de l’Abbé d’Arnoult – Fri
Port d’Envaux  – Thurs
Port des Barques – Weds & Sun
Les Portes en Ré – Weds & Sun every day (1/7-31/8)
Rivedoux – Weds & Sat AM Mon, Tue & Wed
Rochefort – Tues, Thurs & Sat
La Rochelle – Every morning, Weds & Sat (town centre), Tues (Tasdon), Weds (Villeuneuve les Salines),Thurs (Port Neuf),  Fri (Mireuil), Sun (La Pallice)
Royan –  Every day except Mon
St Clément des Baleines – Every day (1/7-31/8)
Here’s more information to make the most of your visit to the Charente Maritime: