Domme Vineyard

Description: The Vin de Domme vineyard is unique in the area. Years back this part of the Perigord Noir, nestled among the limestone hills of the Céou Valley thrived with vineyards, with the wine being transported down the Dordogne river on traditional gabares. Now there is only one vineyard, possibly the smallest in France.

Location: Not really in Domme at all, but in the middle of nowhere about 14 kms to the south. From Daglan head south and follow signs either to Moncalou (the village) or Vin de Domme (the winery).

General Info:  Open all year, weekdays only outside the summer months of July/August. Closed over lunch. Moncalou, 24250, Florimont Gaumur. 0(5) 53 28 14 47.

Our Recommendations: You can walk around the vineyard and buy rosé and red wine from the winery. The wine is a vin de pays.

Here’s more information to make the most of your visit to the Dordogne: