Eating out is a part of the French way of life.   Don’t have a holiday in France without having a meal in a French restaurant.  Although there are many unusual French foods (frogs legs, snails, tête de veau etc.) you will find many foods that are a true delight!  The Languedoc has some fantastic restaurants to choose from with a Catalan influence in the south around Perpignan.

Which restaurant?  Try to find a restaurant that is targeted at French diners (French menus are a good clue!).  Don’t expect to find a fantastic restaurant in the major tourist destinations – here we would recommend something safe and straightforward such as pizza, crêpes etc..

Which time?  It’s often cheaper to eat at lunchtime and during the week.  Sunday lunch is always busy and it pays to book ahead.  In the evenings, don’t arrive too early – 7.30PM is often the earliest you can get served.
Which menu?  Don’t go for à la carte options.  Usually they have the same options as the menu prix fixe and they cost a lot more!  Avoid Menu Touristique like the plague!

Which wine?  Wine can be quite expensive if you go for named bottles.  But carafes of house white or red wine have usually been exquisitely selected by the restauranteur and are excellent value.  Refer to our wine section for more advice on wines in France.

Auberge de la Source

04 68 45 02 17.
In a great setting on the main road through Duilhac-sous-Peyrepertuse and overlooked by the Château de Peyrepertuse.  The restaurant is located in an old olive mill and there is an excellent outside terrace for those balmy summer evenings.

Can Marty

Bd Léon-Jean Grégor, Thuir


Can Marty restaurant in ThuirMore of a Spanish menu than traditional French.  We haven’t eaten here but everyone we spoke to in this area recommended the restaurant as offering very good cuisine with very friendly service.  Although the restaurant is quite small, they spill out onto a pedestrian area alongside the restaurant in the evenings.  Reservation is strongly recommended in high season.


Domaine du Moulin


Tel: 04 68 38 87 84
Entrance to the Domaine de Moulin at CaixasThis restaurant is in an absolutely fabulous setting with delicious (but expensive) menus.  They have a large outside terrace in a remote and peaceful setting.  Follow the dirt track down into the valley on the Forques side of Caixas.  Not so much choice for younger ones so probably only to be recommended if your family is adventurous!

Le Patio

32 Rue St-Jean
66500 Villefrance-de-Conflent
Tel: 04 68 05 01 92

Le Patio restaurant at Villefrance-de-ConflentIn a great setting on the main street of this delightful fortified village, Le Patio is another great restaurant with a lovely courtyard out the back (ask to be seated here specifically).  Similar to Le Relais you have a choice of pizzas or more traditional local cuisine.  Also our youngest was very happy because this is the first place that we’ve been able to get a Steak Haché which really is well done!

Le Relais

39 Rue St-Jean
66500 Villefrance-de-Conflent

Tel: 04 68 96 31 63.
In a great setting on the main street of this delightful fortified village, Le Relais offers a good choice of food.  If your children aren’t so keen on experimenting, they can eat Pizzas au Feu de Bois (cooked on a wood fire) whilst you have the chance to try traditional Catalan food.  There is a great possibility to combine a visit to this restaurant with a day out in the town and its attractions.  Closed on Monday evenings.

External websites offering information on Languedoc restaurants (not all visited by us):

 South France Guide – has loads of recommendations.
 Graham Tigg’s Languedoc Dining Guide – recommended! A great set of books on eating out in France is written by Richard Binns.


Here’s more information to make the most of your visit to Languedoc: