At La Cité de la Mer discover the history of the ocean depths in this unique scientific, technological and cultural tourist attraction. Explore the world’s largest submarine that is open to the public, learn all about deep sea exploration, see Europe’s largest cylindrical aquarium and visit the exhibition dedicated to Titanic and to emigration from the Old World to the New World.

La Cite de la Mer

Cité de la Mer has six exhibitions covering various themes where you will learn about the dark oceanic depths and man’s underwater adventures. They include  a fascinating journey round the decommissioned submarine The Redoubtable, the world’s largest submarine open to the public and France’s first nuclear powered ballistic missile sub. There’s also a virtual journey to the depths of the ocean, the story of Europeans emigrating to the New World, and a temporary exhibition marking the 70th anniversary for the Battle of Normandy, running from April to October 2015.
La Cite de la Mer

La Cité de la Mer is located minutes away from the Cherbourg ferry port and a fabulous place to visit upon your arrival in France or before you catch your ferry home.

Suitability for children: This is not so much an aquarium, more of a museum devoted to nautical/submariner information and so may be most likely to appeal to older children.

Location: Cité de la Mer is the the old port of Cherbourg (follow the signs).

For latest prices and opening dates, visit the fantastic Cité de la Mer website.


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