Description: The name ‘Suisse Normande’ conjures up visions of dramatic alpine scenery. The reality is more of a pleasant river valley with some crags and rolling hills.

Location: Follow the D562, 25 kms south of Caen to Thury Harcourt. By following the Orne River valley southwards you are in the area known as ‘La Suisse Normande’.

Our recommendations: A drive along ‘La Route des Crêtes’ to the east of the river gives rewarding views, good picnic spots and the opportunity to watch the multitude of paragliders. (The route to the top would be a hard climb for ramblers or cyclists). Walks are possible along the cliff paths but these should be negotiated with extreme care. Walking, cycling and even canoeing from Pont d’Ouilly are other options. Visit the local tourist offices where there are many excellent guides available offering short walks suitable for families.

For the children: While it is great fun watching the colourful paragliders, be sure to include a child friendly activity as well such as the Musée du Chemin de Fer.


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