Description: Bayeux has several claims to fame. Not only does it house the famous Bayeux Tapestry but it was also the first town to be liberated on D-Day, so there is a strong WW2 connection. The old part of the town by the river is very picturesque with some craft type shops is the area around the Cathedral.

Location: Approx 25kms NW of Caen.

Our recommendations: There are several car parks in the town centre but we feel that in season the town could get very busy, so parking on the edge and walking in may be preferable. There are lots of restaurants/eateries to choose from should you wish a sit-down meal, including pizzeria type places for the children. Near the cathedral are for example Le Petit Bistrot, Le Petit Normand and L’Assiette Normande (which gave us a more than adequate lunchtime meal) and Le Pommier ( – our preferred choice, but shut for holidays at the time of visiting).

For the Children: You may have reluctant participants if you wish to visit the Tapestry, although it has been labelled as one of those ‘must-see’ attractions.


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