Nord Pas de Calais gets rushed past by hordes heading south, but has some gems that can be enjoyed both for a holiday close to home, as well as day trips to experience French culture rather than having a booze cruise!

Plan a day trip well and there will be time not only to stock up on wine and spirits, but also to visit a local attraction such as Nausicaa or La Coupole and then top the day off with a meal in a French restaurant!

The Blockhaus d’Eperleques:

Description: Hidden away in the edge of the Eperleques forest, the Blockhaus d’Eperleques is a very evocative and moving testament to the horrors of war. Here you can find a massive concrete building designed to launch both V1 and V2 rockets. There is an excellent commentary in English at key parts of the site along with detailed explanations on panels. The site remains just as it was in 1945. The average length of the visit is about 1 1/2 hours.

Location: 10km west of St Omer, north of the N43. It is well signposted in the area.

General Info: Open from March to November, all day between May and September. Entrance costs €7* for adults and €4.50* for children.


Our recommendations: This is a truly fascinating place with plenty of information available

For the children: Young children may get bored after a while, however the novel, small trolleys for pulling “little ones” around the site are a great help to keep them interested!

* please note that price are subject to chance, so check the providers’ website for latest details


Here’s more information to make the most of your visit to Nord Pas de Calais: