Description: Nausicaa is a magnificent aquarium, and the second most visited attraction north of Paris (after Parc Asterix).

There are more than 36,000 fish and other marine creatures to discover, ranging from microscopic plankton to large sharks, making this an attraction that appeals to all ages.

The centre is well laid out, with information in English as well as French, which is especially a great help for children. The exhibition starts with information on plankton and then moves on through studies of all sorts of salt water fish and sea mammals – the colours and varieties of fish are huge. Among other exhibits there is a beautiful tropical lagoon, a shark tank and the opportunity to see sea-lions. This can easily entertain the family for the best part of a day if you watch some of the shows.

Location: At the west end of Boulogne. Approach from the north on the D940 to avoid the town centre. Free parking adjacent.

General Info: Open every day from 26th January until end of December. In July/August times are 9.30-7.30. Check the website for prices.


Our recommendations: Take lunch in the excellent restaurant (which is overseen by the chef of La Matelote, Boulogne’s Michelin starred restaurant located just across the road at 80 Boulevard Sainte Beuve), or stop for a drink by the tropical lagoon.