Eiffel Tower

Description: The Eiffel Tower is a spectacular 300m high metal tower was built to commemorate the centenary of the French Revolution and is a famous icon of Paris.

Location: At the head of the Champ-de-Mars, close to the Seine.

General Info: Opening hours 09.00 – 0.45. Lift prices vary depending on which level you travel to. Using the stairs to reach Level 2 costs €4* for over 25s, otherwise €3.10*. Note: standing with your back to the River Seine the stairs entrance is the right ‘leg’ at the back.

Website: http://www.tour-eiffel.fr/

Our recommendations: You can visit any of the three floors; the first is at 57 m, the second at 115 m, and the third at 276 m which can be accessed by lift or stairs. The top of the aerial is 320 m above the ground and on a nice day, you can see the whole of Paris. The top level is only accessible by lift, with long queues in peak season so start early to avoid the queues. It takes about 6 mins to walk to each level with children. You could maximize the whole Eiffel Tower experience by dining at one of the 2 restaurants, either 58 Tour Eiffel on level 1 or Jules Verne on level 2. Be warned – these don’t come cheap!

For the children: The children will really enjoy climbing the stairs, you won’t! The view is definitely impressive but won’t hold their attention for long, although there are some interesting boards explaining the history of the tower for the older ones.

*please note that prices are subject to change, so check the providers’ official website for latest information

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