Paris Plage

For something totally different seek out ‘Paris Plage’ if you happen to be visiting the capital in the summer. This event has been running since 2002.

There are 2 beach areas – one near the ‘Bassin de la Villette’ and the other running along the right bank of the River Seine from the Pont du Sully to the Louvre.

The concept is to provide free access to all sorts of fun activities in a seaside atmosphere.

Some of the events on offer include a large purpose built swimming pool complete with Trouville style beach changing huts on the quai, sandy ‘beaches’, childrens’ play areas, baby foot, boules, mini golf, a fitness trail, table tennis and cafés and ice cream sellers with sun-loungers to relax in. It is all great fun, especially for children.

However a word of caution: children will need to be well supervised as in typical French fashion there are no barriers between the edge of the quai and the river!

Having been in Paris during Paris Plage month we wholeheartedly recommend it as great fun!

*please note that prices are subject to change, so check the providers’ official website for latest information. 

Here’s more information to make the most of your visit to Paris: