Paris has a rich variety of museums and monuments for the culture vultures! Of course such attractions aren’t always suited to children. Some of these recommendations make a special effort to cater for the family, others are places we think you cannot afford to miss (and a brief visit will make it more palatable!).

Arc de Triomphe

Description: This famous triumphal arch stands 50 metres tall in the centre of 12 radiating avenues which are named after the great generals of the French Republic.

Location: In the Place de l’Etoile.

General Info: Open all year round – up to 11.00pm in summer months and 10.30pm at other times. Entrance is by timed ticket which also provides entrance to a small museum inside the walls. Prices are €9* and admission is free for children under 18 years old.


Our recommendations: Climb to the top for a fantastic view of some of Paris’ widest roads, in one direction you can see all the way down the Champs-Elysées (Paris’s premier shopping street), in the other you have fine views of the Eiffel Tower.

For the children: Another one of those places the children will enjoy for twenty minutes or so, don’t hang around! Seriously they will enjoy going there, but there is not so much to do other than look at the view.  Free on the first Sunday in the month.

*please note that prices are subject to change, so check the providers’ official website for latest information


Here’s more information to make the most of your visit to Paris: