Description: Paris is fun to browse around – lots of quirky side streets, markets and malls. There are several large department stores, including Bon Marché (designed by Gustav Eiffel of the Tower fame), and Les Printemps.

Our recommendations: One worth seeking out is Galeries Lafayette, spread out over several streets and many levels in the area to the north-west of the Opera. There is probably nothing you cannot buy here and there is even a wonderful food hall. However if the shopping has worn you out then head for the roof terrace on Level 7 where you get spectacular views of Paris – all for free. Likewise, at Les Printemps great views can be had on Level 9. Le Champs Elysees – tree lined and with great views in both directions has its share of great shops. It may not be the best shopping area of Paris but it is certainly more affordable than many other parts of the city.

For the teenagers (well teenage girls anyway!): Shopping never featured on our holiday itineraries when our children were young (and to be honest we’d much prefer to keep it that way!). However, teenagers often have differing agendas and sometimes a bit of give and take in the sightseeing itinerary is necessary!


Here’s more information to make the most of your visit to Paris: