Description: The Sentier des Ocres in the Roussillon Ochre Quarries is a 1½ km walk through an incredible natural landscape sculpted by ancient quarries. The shapes and colours are breathtaking, particularly set against the incredible Provençal blue skies and the pine trees.

Location: Within easy walking distance of Roussillon centre, just off the main square.

General Info: Roussillon is classed as one of Les Plus Beaux Villages de France. There is a small entrance fee for adults and older children of around €2.50*. In the summer months the quarries are open all day without interruption.


Our Recommendations: Don’t wear white or any other light colour as ochre is a natural pigment! Pigment can be bought at a number of outlets in the village, we would particularly recommend the ‘art’ shop on the right hand side as you approach the Sentier des Ocres’. If this has captured your imagination and you would like to learn more then a visit to the ochre factory on D104 (direction Apt) is advised.

For the children: This is somewhere to visit as part of a look around Roussillon and they will enjoy ‘painting’ their faces with the different coloured pigments! Our artistic daughter collected different coloured sands and made a wonderful ‘sand bottle’ on her return home.

* please note that all prices are subject to change. Check the official website or contact the venue directly for actual prices

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