During the winter months the Pyrénées provides an idyllic skiing playground and in the summer it transforms itself into a walking paradise. However it is blessed with a broad range of attractions and family oriented activities that combine with the delightful scenery to make this a fantastic holiday destination for young and old alike. With a number of caves and grottoes in the lower reaches of the Pyrénées, advantage is taken of facilities provided for the skiing, such as the Pic du Midi cable car, to provide a wide variety of family fun!

Le Petit Train de la Rhune

Description: Le Petit Train de la Rhune runs to the La Rhune peak which at 905m high provides an awe inspiring vista over the Basque country looking out towards the Atlantic coast.

Location: 20km to the south of Biarritz off the D4 near Sare

General Info: Departures are every half hour in peak season and the 4km journey lasts around 35 minutes. The train operates from mid March to early November.

Website: http://www.rhune.com/fr/index.aspx

Our recommendations: There are many walks possible from the summit. Buy a guide book from the shop when you get there.

For the children: It’s a 2 hour return journey on foot following the La Rhune back down to the Col de Saint Ignace station. This is a beautiful walk and a good opportunity for the children to get some exercise! Also, because delays can be quite long in the summer, it makes sense to get an early train up to beat the crowds and then return on foot.

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