Futuroscope ready for the School Summer Holidays


School’s Out! If you are holidaying in the Poitou-Charente, Pays de la Loire or Dordogne  areas of France, why not pay a visit to Futuroscope, one of the best-known attractions in France.  Read more about Futurescope

Here’s a taster of what you can expect to see…

New for 2014 – The Time Machine
An incredible journey back in time with the raving rabbits Futuroscope has cranked up this attraction with a unique blend of art and technology to bring visitors an all-out intensive immersive experience. Read more…

New for 2014 – Hubble Mission
This 3D adventure propels young audiences out to the Hubble Space Telescope to join the crew of the space shuttle Atlantis on a high-stakes repair mission. Their aim is to keep Hubble observing. Read more…

New for 2014 – Virus Attack
Visitors are shrunk to a microscopic size and sent hurtling on a simulator ride into the human body, where they have to pass through muscle tissue, meander down the digestive system, and fight off white blood cells in order to wipe out a dreaded virus – all with only a few minutes to do it in.  Read more…

New for 2014 – AEROBAR
Designed by Aerophile in association with DVVD architects (who built the support frame) the Aerobar lifts twelve lucky guests 115 foot in the air with drink (and snack) in hand to have twelve minutes of spectacular views over the Park. Read more…


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