Les Petits Mousses de Plymouth


A new Saturday school in Plymouth has been launched to help children learn about French culture and language. It was setup by a number of French mums to ensure their children don’t lose touch with their French heritage.

It is believed that at least 100 children with French associations reside in the city and being the hub of western cross-channel ferry services, it’s not surprising that there are so many.

The group, named Les Petits Mousses de Plymouth literally translated as The Little Ship’s Apprentices of Plymouth, was founded by Marriig Quentel-Watson.  Ms Quentel-Watson said the mothers believed their children would benefit enormously from being taught in written French. The Saturday school builds on a Saturday creative workshop for those aged five and under, Les Choco’mousses.

Ms Quentel-Watson and her friends are now trying to identify all interested families in Plymouth and the surrounding areas.  The group for children aged 6 to 16 will be launched in January 2015, and will run every Saturday morning from 10am to noon. So if you speak French at home and would like your children to get additional help, email lespetitsmoussesdeplymouth@gmail.com or visit the Les Petits Mousses de Plymouth Facebook page.

Ms Quentel-Watson arrived in Plymouth in 2002 and married an Englishman. They have three sons, and she wanted them to grow with French and English equally.  Her husband also became proficient in French, so that in their family the two languages co-exist.



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