Love ‘The Tunnel’ on Sky? Here are 10 Channel Tunnel facts


The Channel Tunnel is taking a starring role in Sky Atlantic’s newest grisly murder mystery, ‘The Tunnel’ which starts on Wednesday 16 October, so we have delved into some of the amazing facts that make the crossing from the UK to France so special.

  1. The Tunnel is 31.4 miles long from Folkestone in Kent to Coquelles in Pas de Calais. With 24 miles underwater, this is the longest sea tunnel in the world.
  2. At its deepest point, the tunnel is 75metres under water.
  3. It takes 35 minutes for trains to cross the tunnel. Services include Eurostar trains, Eurotunnel car-carrying shuttles and freight trains.
  4. Around 320m people have used the tunnel since it opened.
  5. There are actually three tunnels: two for trains and one service tunnel.
  6. Work began in 1988 and the first shuttle to carry a car crossed in 1994. The decision to build the tunnel was first announced almost 50 years ago, on 6 February 1964.
  7. 11 massive boring drills were used to dig out the tunnel and more than 13,000 workers took part in the construction.
  8. The waste removed during construction of the tunnels was used to create a new piece of land on the Kent coast. Samphire Hoe is an award-winning 90 acre nature reserve that with stunning views of the Dover cliffs.
  9. Despite the gory premise of The Tunnel, there have been no recorded murders in the Channel Tunnel.
  10. Engineers voted the Channel Tunnel the best construction achievement of the 20th century.

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