Preparing your car for driving in France

Checking that your car is ready for a long journey is always a good idea.  However, if you are planning to take your car across to France this year, there are a number of standard and special requirements you need adhere to.

Firstly, follow the manufacturer’s instructions for tyre tread (don’t forget the spare!), tyre air pressure, lights, oil, water and brake fluid. Make sure you have a full tank of petrol. We know people try to arrive on the other side of the channel with an empty tank as petrol is cheaper in France – but we don’t recommend this; you won’t save a fortune and besides it is not that much cheaper anymore.

You need to ensure you have the following for your car: GB sticker (if you don’t have it already on your number plate, spare light bulb set, beam deflectors (so you don’t blind oncoming traffic with your lights), first aid kit and fire extinguisher.  New from

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