The Lovers of Verdun

The Grand Parc du Puy du Fou is a live action theme park dedicated to the history of France.  Created in 1978 in the Vendee, Puy du Fou welcomes more than 1.7 million visitors annually. And as we found out, the Cinéscenie performance can feature more than 1000 actors!

New in 2015 at Le Puy du Fou, Vendee








New in 2015 : The Lovers of Verdun
Plan your visit this summer and take in this year’s spectacular – The Lovers of Verdun. On Christmas eve, fumes invade the trenches, the ground trembles with each new explosion, alarms ring out… Everything seems lost, but on the 24 December 1916 these soldiers do not yet know that they are going to experience a Christmas that they will never ever forget!

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