Ferry to France or Fly? Why the ferry makes sense for families

When you think about it, ‘low-cost’ air travel isn’t really all that low-cost at all. Airport transfers, car parking, car hire on the other end, baggage fees, overpriced snacks and so on – the cost of a £50 ticket can soon double or even triple when you add on all the extras.
All of which is precisely why more families than ever are turning their backs on air travel to get to France and making a beeline for the ferry crossing. Ferry travel has evolved over recent years that anyone who hasn’t experienced a sea crossing in some time could well be in for a surprise. And not only a surprise, a considerably more enjoyable holiday from start to finish!

Here are some of the key benefits of travelling to France by cross channel ferry with children.ferry-to-france-family-1

No Luggage Restrictions
For one thing, you can forget about trying to cram in everything you need into a tiny case and in doing your best to keep things within the allocated weight limit. When you travel by ferry and bring your family car along for the ride, you can take as much luggage as you like – just as long as it fits in the car! There are no weight restrictions and no limitations on bulky items and the like. So if you want to bring the family bikes or even your pets along for the ride, you’re free to do exactly that!

No Long Check-Ins
It’s one thing to book a short 90-minute flight to France, but what about the two or more hours you need to spend at the airport before you fly? You’ve got to contend with the long queues for check-in, security checks and the wait in the baggage hall on the other side. All of this can often mean a stressful start to your travels. A flight of even 60 minutes can easily turn into a four or five-hour journey. With ferry travel, the average check-in time is just 45 minutes, after which you are free to indulge in all the incredible amenities on board, relax and enjoy the sail across the channel to France.

No Cramped Conditions
Speaking of which, low-cost airlines are not exactly famed for providing their customers with plenty of legroom, anything by way of entertainment, affordable snacks or a decent supply of fresh air. With ferry travel, you can enjoy all these things in unlimited quantities. Not only this, but with free Wi-Fi available and plenty of entertainment for the kids, boredom and subsequent tantrums shouldn’t be an issue.


No Car Hire or Transfers
There’s nothing quite like the convenience, freedom or cost effectiveness of having your own familiar car waiting for you, when you arrive at your chosen destination. Travelling by ferry and bringing your car means you won’t need to worry about expensive transfers or car hire in France. Also you remove the stress of having to get to grips with an unfamiliar hire car.

Ferry to France vs Plane

Image source: Brittany Ferries – Ferry VS Plane to France