Description: A traditional tree top adventure course, perfect for any children who enjoy outdoor activities and don’t mind exerting a bit of energy to entertain themselves! The juniors and adult courses last about 2.5 hours. You have to be over 1.4m high to take part in those.

Location: At Chatel-Guzon (just north of Clermont-Ferrand) take the D415 in the direction of Manzat.  The car park is signposted just on the outskirts of Chatel-Guzon.

General Info:  Entry prices approx €8 for age 4-8, €12 for age 9-12, €16 age 13-16 and €20 for over 16s.  Check their website or telephone 06 77 13 46 31 for further information.

Our recommendations: If you have some young children they will most likely need accompanying.  You might want to consider whether you’re better of just walking round with them rather than taking part yourself.

For the children: Even those as young as 4 are catered for with a short course.  They have to be in the range of 1.05 – 1.2m tall.

*Prices are approximate, please check with the operator for details.


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