Why choose a holiday to France?

Why are family holidays to France so popular?  Possibly because each region of France offers something different – from beautiful coastlines, towering  mountains, beautiful valleys, river gorges and much more.

It can almost feel like you are visiting a different country each time you visit a new region in France. Plus you have the gorgeous beaches, seaside resorts and outstanding family attractions – all within an easy travel distance.

France is the word’s most visited country and we think we know the reason why. Every region offers great tourist attractions and has it’s own unique character, from the beautiful spacious beaches of the Vendée or the stunning scenery of the Côte D’Azur to the impressive mountains of the French Alps or Pyrénées, to the picturesque vineyards of the Loire or Rhône to the history of Dordogne, Provence or Normandy.

Paris, its capital city, is filled with awe-inspriring places to visit, from palaces, museums and spectacular public squares. The famous Eiffel Tower continues to be the cultural symbol of France while the Champs Elysees remains the heart and soul of Paris.

However, Paris is not the only destination, move north and you will be greeted by beautiful meadows and D-Day beaches. Down south is filled with beautiful Mediterranean Sea coast and cities of Nice, Cannes, Marseilles, St. Tropez etc. Everywhere you move in France, geography changes and with it, changes the flavours of French cuisine.

France for Families has a wealth of tourist information on each region including the best towns, attractions, vineyards, beaches and kids favourites, as well as practical information on eating out, shopping, weather….  The vast majority of the places listed have been personally visited by either ourselves or friends and relatives.  We are continually extending the site content so we welcome feedback of any kind.

Our Top 7 reasons to visit France

1. Spectacular beaches

Of course, a holiday to France can be greatly enhanced by a family friendly beach! Southern France is always popular, but we can highly recommend the spacious beaches along the north and south coast of Brittany, plus the longs sandy beaches on the West Coast of the Vendee and the Charente.

2. Fascinating cities

Here at France for Families we enjoy visiting a different city each time we visit the country, on our way to or from our holiday destination. Paris is of course a great centre of culture but other cities have a lot to offer for a day of exploring, including  Avignon, Nice, Bordeaux, Lyon, Nice, Cannes, Toulouse and Marseille.

2. World Heritage Villages

Did you know that almost 80% of France is mostly countryside, interspersed with pretty little villages? Take some time out to visit some of the more well know villages and small towns and discover the architecture and gastronomy (that’s eating out for you and me!).

3. French cuisine

Talking of eating out, you have to try everything once!  You simply cannot go to France and not be awestruck by its delicious cuisine. All that you’ve heard about this country’s famous cuisine is correct. From its sauces, bread, steak tartare and pastries, to its mouth-watering cheese – one just can’t get enough of French food! Moreover, France is also well known for its quaint pavement cafes and bars to renowned Michelin starred restaurants of celebrity chefs.

4. Activity holidays and winter sports

Home to some of the most exciting as well as varied skiing in the world, France has a level for everybody and highly trained professional instructors. Head to the French Alps for some great winter skiing in the winter, and also for a fun activity holiday in the summer – away from the traditional holiday crowds and stunning scenery.

5. Captivating churches

Each year, million of tourists visit France to see Gothic churches and cathedrals dating back to centuries. France is home to many architecturally and historically significant churches; Notre-Dame, Sainte-Chapelle, The Abbey at Mont St-Michel – they are simply majestic, and are the best things to see in France. Visiting and exploring the famous churches is one of the reasons why France is so popular among avid travellers.

6. Fine wine

One for the mums and dads! Some of the best wines the world has ever tasted belongs to France. The country produces between 50 and 60 million hectolitres (each hectolitre equals to 100 litres) of wine every year. Apart from the clichéd Champagne and Chardonnay, there are a plethora of other home-made French wines you must try as well.

7. Convenient location

France of course is only a short ferry or Tunnel ride away from the UK, with many areas then being an easy drive on clear, simple roads that make driving in France a pleasurable experience.

Our favourite French Regions 

You can have a great holiday anywhere in France – we have tried to describe each region honestly – depending on what you look for you may have a  different perspective to ours, however our favourites are:

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