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Regions of France

The region of France offers something different – from beautiful coastlines, towering  mountains, beautiful valleys, river gorges and much more.  It can almost feel like you are visiting a different country each time you go somewhere new.

Every region offers great tourist attractions and has it’s own unique character, from the Vendée or Côte D’Azur beaches to the Mountains of the Alps or Pyrénées, from the Vineyards of the Loire or Rhône to the history of Dordogne, Provence or Normandy.

France for Families has a wealth of tourist information on each region including the best towns, attractions, vineyards, beaches and kids favourites, as well as practical information on eating out, shopping, weather….  The vast majority of the places listed have been personally visited by either ourselves or friends and relatives.  We are continually extending the site content so we welcome feedback of any kind.

The Official Stuff

France is divided into 18 administrative ‘regions’, including 13 metropolitan regions and 5 overseas regions. The 13 metropolitan regions (including 12 mainland regions and Corsica) are each further subdivided into 2 to 13 ‘departments’, while the overseas regions consist of only one department each and so are also referred to as “overseas departments”.

Big changes were afoot at the start of 2016, when the French parliament passed a law reducing the number of metropolitan regions from 22 to 13 with effect from 1 January 2016.

Here is a handy grid courtesy of Wikipedia that highlights the changes to the departments, together with the new region names.   Some of the new region names are quite a big change from their former name, so they have an interim name so that people are not too confused about where they live or holiday!

French map

The other 6 regions stay just as they were before:

  • Bretagne
  • Corse
  • Centre
  • Île-de-France
  • Pays de la Loire
  • Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur

Here is a handy map of France showing how the regions used to be, courtesy of Wikipedia:

Map of France showing old regions

And here is the new map:

Map of France showing new regions

Our favourite French Regions 

You can have a great holiday anywhere in France – we have tried to describe each region honestly – depending on what you look for you may have a  different perspective to ours, however our favourites are:

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