The following have been voted by us as the best caves in France. We have taken account the enjoyment of the whole family from the youngest to the eldest. Obviously this is a personal view, but for families with children between the ages of 5 and 15 you should find you can really enjoy a few hours visit to these, especially if it is raining outside!

  1. Aven D’Orgnac. Fascinating underground caverns. Visitor centre. Picnic in woods by car park.
  2. Gouffre du Padirac. Kids will enjoy the gondola rides underground. But not the queueing!
  3. Gouffre du Proumeyssac. Son et Lumière show and the chance to be lowered in a basket into the cave!
  4. Le Grand Roc. Not so great for the kids. But beautiful crystal formations.
  5. Lascaux II. Worth a visit to admire the spectacular cave paintings, even if they are a copy!


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