Before you go – Booking

Booking a holiday to France

Planning and booking a holiday to France is always exciting and here are some handy tips to make your booking process easier.

Top Tips

  1. Check the terms and conditions of the booking provider, find out if they answer  any questions you may have about the holiday.
  2. If there should be need to change your booking, ask how flexible the holiday operator / French gite or cottage owner is.
  3. Does the booking include extras such as bed linen, towels.
  4. If you are booking travel separately, ask the holiday operator if they have any special offer codes for ferry travel.
  5. Always buy travel insurance – check if it covers you for illness, redundancy, Coronavirus etc.
  6. Always purchase on credit card – you may be able to claim back the cost if something goes wrong.
  7. Purchase car breakdown insurance if travelling by car.

Before you go – check your booking

Always double check your holiday booking details before you travel. Here at France for Families there has been the odd occasion where we were convinced a cross channel crossing to France was booked for a certain time – only to discover it had been a few hours earlier!

Top Tips

  1. New Brexit legislation means that you will need at least 6 months on your passport before expiry – don’t forget to check all the families passports well in advance.
  2. New Brexit legislation means new travel rules for your dog – check what you need before you go (waiting new guidance at time of writing!)
  3. A month for departure on your holiday to France, check all your travel times and put them into your phone calendar – with reminders and alerts!
  4. Check your car breakdown insurance if travelling by car. Print off details or save emergency contacts to your phone. Know what to do if your car breaks down.
  5. If hiring a car, apply for the hire car code from the DVLA.