This itinerary takes you inland some 35 kms to the area around St. Omer and has a wartime theme. It centres around a visit to La Coupole 5 kms south of St.Omer.

La Coupole is a museum housed in a German built V2 rocket base. Inside the vast concrete dome are three sections, two of which are devoted to aspects of WW2 (the German V1 and V2 rockets and The Occupation of Northern France from 1940-1944) and a third to the conquest of space from 1945-1969.

If time allows why not book an early lunch at La Ferme Gourmande in Guines (about 8 kms SE of the Eurotunnel terminal), Ardres (14 kms SE of Calais on N43) or travel on to St.Omer on the A26 where there are many restaurants.

This then will leave the afternoon free to visit the museum at La Coupole. Alternatively, still on a wartime theme, visit the Eperlecques Blockhaus which can be found about 10 kms west of St. Omer north of the N43. This was a launch site designed for V2 rockets during WW2 but which was never actually used. The site is open from March to November, with an English option audio tour.


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