What travel documents do I need for France?

Travel Documents

Documents can seem such a small matter when arranging holidays but if you don’t take care to make sure you have the correct ones, it can cause real problems later! We’ve all heard horror stories of people arriving at the airport without their passport, but you will also have trouble if you are stopped by the French police and don’t have the correct documents for your car, or if you have an accident without a European accident claim form.

Important Travel Documents:
Get them together a few weeks before your holiday in case you cannot find any! Check they are valid. We recommend you take:

  • Passports + tickets (remember you will need 6 months plus on your passport)
  • Driving Licence
  • Car Registration Document V5
  • Car Insurance
  • European Vehicle Recovery Insurance
  • European Accident Statement form
  • Travel Insurance
  • EHIC card
  • Travellers cheques

Travel Insurance:
Remember the EHIC card may not be valid post Brexit. For the best treatment it is worthwhile having travel insurance. For winter sports we consider it mandatory. Travel insurance also offers some protection if you have made your own holiday arrangements and subsequently have any problems.

If you have an accident on the road:
Get witnesses to come forward quickly. You, the third party, and witnesses need to complete the European Accident Statement form. The third party should have an identical document in their own language. Take photographs of the damage and the scene. We can’t give any other advice here – you need to follow the guidelines of your insurance company to ensure you can recover any losses.

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