Parc L’Ange Michel, Brittany

Description: This is an absolutely fantastic attraction offering more than 30 water and land based activities such as waterslides, boats, karting, trampolines, mini-golf and much more besides. Location: In the extreme north east of Brittany (well maybe just over the border!), alongside the Lac de Vezins.  The Parc can be found on the D185 travelling north from St-Martin-de-Landelles.

General Info:  Website. Tel no: 02 33 49 04 74.  Open every day in the peak season from 10.30AM.

Our recommendations: For children this must be the most popular attraction in the area.  We recommend to arrive early as it gets crowded.

For the children:  What can we say, this attraction was made only with them in mind.  They are assured of a great day there.  It will appeal more to young teens although there are still attractions that will be enjoyed by younger and older children.

Here’s more information to make the most of your visit to Brittany: