Description: A modern town with a certain charm and interesting attractions, including a 2nd world war submarine base and beautiful offshore islands. The fishing port is amongst the largest in France – visit early in the morning to watch the auction of the night’s catch.

Location: Lorient is on the south coast of Brittany, just off the main N165-E60.

Our recommendation: Don’t go here to find old-fashioned Breton charm, it’s a fairly modern French town centre. It becomes more interesting during the first two weeks of August visit the annual Interceltique music festival which draws around 5000 artists from the British Isles, Spain and Brittany.  The first weekend has an excellent parade with dancing in traditional costumes.  It will be busy, however you can usually park within 10 minutes of the town centre.

For the children: Visits to the old 2nd world war submarine base can be arranged through the tourist office.  Alternatively take a trip to the Ile de Groix, 45 minutes by boat. Just 8km long by 3km wide you can explore it by bike.  Don’t miss the Grands-Sables beach on the east coast.


Here’s more information to make the most of your visit to Brittany: