Description: A really unusual outdoor activity theme park for children, with different zones for different ages, in a lovely lakeside setting. This is a great chance for all the family to play at being Tarzan for a day!

Location: On the D17 between St Nazaire and Nantes, close to the intersection of the N165 and N171.

General Info: See the website ( for information on opening times (they’re a bit complicated to explain!).  Closes for lunch.
Tel: 02 40 58 30 30.

Our recommendations: If you want to get a full day of activity, make sure you arrive early.  The whole site shuts for an hour at lunchtime around 12.30 and everyone has to stop their activity.  If you tire of Tepacap (which we doubt!) there are several other municipal activities by the lake.

For the children: There is good general supervision and safety provision.  For children under 10 it won’t provide a day’s entertainment, however there is a separate adventure area for the youngsters and they will adore the combined trampoline/bungey ropes!


Here’s more information to make the most of your visit to Brittany: