St Emilion, Dordogne

Description: The name Saint Emilion conjures up the taste of rich red wines, but the town is worth a visit in itself. Elegant and cozy, this beautiful little town in the Dordogne has lots of cobbled streets, medieval buildings and romantic views.

Location: 30km east of Bordeaux and around 55km west of Bergerac, now easily reached by the new A89 autoroute (Libourne exit)

General Info: Official town website.   Tourist office website.

Our recommendations: Most of the famous sites (including Europe’s largest underground church) can be seen only as part of the excellent official tour run by the tourist office. Make reservations when you get to town. And, of course, don’t forget to visit a few of the famous wine châteaux.

For the children: We can’t really say that the children will love this village – they probably won’t appreciate the age of the buildings, or the chance to sample the delicious wine, nor the historical monuments – but there is plenty of space to run around and they should tolerate the visit for the sake of their parents!

Here’s more information to make the most of your visit to the Dordogne: