White water rafting

The Pyrénées offer lots of opportunities for organized outdoor activities such as white water rafting, body boards, rock climbing, potholing and canyoning, run by centres where full tuition and all equipment is provided. These activities are on the whole for families with older children who are looking for that adrenalin rush and bit of extra excitement that perhaps a gentle canoe or kayak ride doesn’t give!

In the western Pyrénées the towns of Sauveterre-de-Béarn and Laàs, there are white water rafting centres which offer ½ or whole day excursions. An ability to swim at least 25m is essential.

Centre Nautique de Soeix

Description: Here a whole days rafting starts at 09.30 when you leave your car at Sauveterre-de Béarn and are then taken by bus to Navarrenx upstream. There is a stop for lunch (cooked on an open fire on a river beach can be part of the cost, or bring your own picnic) and the day finishes back at your car. You are strongly advised to book in advance, especially during the peak season.

Location: Sauveterre-de-Béarn

Website: raft-oloron.com

Club Sportif d’Isaby

General description: Large centre offering a wide variety of activities ranging from water based options, land activities (rock-climbing, canyoning etc) and also walking/mountain biking.

Location: 65260 Villelongue, Close to Lourdes, 6km south of Argèles-Gazost

Website: www.club-sportif-isaby.com(French only)


Description: Ecolorado is very happy to cater for families, prices start from €16 per person. They have a number of different options ranging from kayaks to full size rafts. You’re advised to book in advance to ensure they can cater for your group.

Website: www.ecoloradorafting.com

Location: Agos Vidalos, 9km south of Lourdes (just off N21).

Sport Nature

Description: Activities available either per session or by the day, with white water rafting prices starting at €20 per session. They have a wide range of activities, even “body boards” with which you can surf the rapids!

Website: www.sport-nature.org, Tel no: 05 62 41 81 48

Location: Saint-Pé-de-Bigorre, on D937 11km W of Lourdes.

UR Bizia

Description: An excellent centre in the western Pyrénées which will welcome children as young as 6 providing they are able to swim.

Website: http://www.ur-bizia.com/, Tel no: 0033 5 59 37 72 37

Location: 64780 Bidarray, on the D918 about 25km south east of Biarritz.

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