In the peak summer months the Pyrénées make for the most idyllic walking imaginable.

Rocky crags and mountain tops combine with sleepy villages and river valleys to make a terrain that is pure delight. The weather is excellent in the summer months and this, combined with a multitude of other attractions in the area, provides the perfect destination for a family walking holiday.

Depending on the age, capability and experience of your children you will find there is a broad scope of walks with different degrees of difficulty and distance.

We have provided details of our favourite Pyrénées walking routes below, however there are so many options we have only scratched the surface. For more information, check out the specialists websites listed below.

Our favourite Pyrénées walking routes

Cirque d’Estaube

Description: The Cirque d’Estaube is the little sister to the larger Cirques of Gavarnie and Troumouse, between which it sits. It’s more inaccessible but can be reached along the Gave d’Estaube. It will take you a few hours to walk to the cirque.

Location: 50km south of Lourdes via the D922, then the D176 south of Luz-Saint-Sauveur.

Our recommendation: If you are staying in the area and love mountain scenery then this is worth a visit. But if you are travelling from a distance then the other cirques are the ones to visit. For this walk you should ensure you a good map and adequate clothing in case of inclement weather.

For the children: Will only appeal to enthusiastic walkers!

Cirque de Gavarnie

Description: The Cirque de Gavarnie is a majestic galacial amphitheatre rising to over 3000m at the back of which falls the 400m Grande Cascade waterfall (see right). It is only accessible on foot from the village of Gavarnie. The round trip takes around 2 hours.

Location: 50km south of Lourdes following the D921.


Our recommendation: For a short walk follow the path on the right hand side of the valley which starts from the church and offers excellent views of the cirque and the waterfall. To reach the foot of the cirque follow the path along the valley bottom. Experienced walkers may like to follow one of the mountain passes to the border.

For the children: It’s possible to hire a horse or mule in the village so they will be more appreciative of the walk! Also the kids will enjoy the annual festival of Gavarnie, a musical spectacular which is usually held in the second half of July. Check with the tourist office for up to date info. On the way back down the valley there is a hydro electric power station you can visit at Pragnères.

Cirque de Lys

Description: The cable car will take you from below 1000m to nearly 2000m. From the top it is possible to take a further chair lift to the Grand Barbat summit for some of the best views and walks in the area.

Location: The cable car leaves from Cauterets village, 30km south of Lourdes via the D921.


Our recommendation: There are many high level walks possible from here. Make sure you have a good map and are well equipped for possible changes in the weather. Don’t forget the picnic if it’s a sunny day in high season!

For the children: They will enjoy the ride to the summit the most. This trip is not ideal for toddlers, but the rest of the family will enjoy it if they are the outdoor type.

Cirque de Troumouse

Description: The Cirque de Troumouse is an imposing curved wall of rock,10 km long and 1000m high! . In the summer you will have not only the pleasure of beautiful mountain scenery, but also that of rare species of flora that thrive in the Pyrénées.

Location: 50km south of Lourdes via the D921, branching onto the D922 for the last 15km. Part of the road is a toll road.

Our recommendation: The Cirque de Gavarnie is the more popular, the Cirque de Troumouse is full of peace and beauty.

For the children: Take a visit to the power station of Pragnères, about 10km south of Luz-Saint-Sauveur on the D921. Admission is free.

Col d’Aspin

Description: A dramatic mountain pass takes you over the Col at a height of just under 1500m. There are great views of the Pic du Midi du Bigorre from here.

Location: Follow the D935 south from Bagnères-de-Bigorre for 12km and then the D918 east towards Arreau for about 13km.

Our recommendation: This is a great picnic spot and there are several walking trails departing from the Col, both at the same level and also climbing into the surrounding hills. On the drive up the Col take great care as the route is frequented by cyclists and on the downhill stretch they can be travelling at high speed!

For the children: Be careful with the wild horses and livestock that frequent this Col. They seemed very tame when we were there but nevertheless, they are still wild animals. If the children want more entertainment, drive to La Mongie and take a ride in the Pic du Midi du Bigorre cable car.

Lac du Bouillouses

Description: If you love mountain scenery this area has it in abundance. You can walk a short or long distance…limited maps available from the ski lift stations.

Location: Near Font Romeu. Either drive to Mont Louis, turn left to Les Angles and then take the Navette service from the Place de Barres, or drive up to the chair lifts above Font Romeu. Note: The D60 is closed to traffic in high season – you cannot drive all the way to the lake.

Website: (font Romeu office du tourisme website).

Our recommendation: Take cagoules in case of inclement weather even if it is a nice day. It is surprising how quickly the weather can change and how cold it can get when the sun goes in! Also be aware that in bad weather the chair lifts will stop operating.

For the children: Our children preferred to travel by the chairlifts, starting with the short one from Calme Sud to Roc de la Calme, followed by a longer chairlift down into the valley. It’s then a gentle 30 minute climb to the lake. At Les Airelles ski station there is a lot of child friendly entertainment (mini quads etc.).

Lac de Gaube

Description: The Lac de Gaube is delightfully located underneath the Vignemale, the highest mountain in the French Pyrénées, with a dramatic glacier as a backdrop even in the middle of the summer.

Location: Follow the D920 south of Cauterets along the Chemin des Cascades (a few of these dramatic waterfalls are worth stopping to take a look at). Park at the Pont d’Espagne (1350 spaces, approx €4 for 6 hours).

Our recommendation: There is a cable car/chair lift that will speed you on your way to the lake and if you are fit you will then have time to walk on to the far side of the lake and beyond for great views of the glacier (3 hours round trip). The cable car/chair lift costs around €35 return for a family of six.

For the children: The far end of the lake (20 minutes walk each way) has a series of small streams running into the lake which are great for building dams on a sunny day, as well as providing a lovely picnic location.

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